Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Knitting Tag- Episode 6

So it's episode 6 and I made up a knitting tag. There's popular beauty tag videos on youtube where one user completes questions in a video format and then "tags" other users etc. So I thought it would be fun to do with knitting as the subject.

Watch it here:

Technical difficulties kept me from uploading for a bit. Thanks to the apple support team member who said I should just buy final cut pro instead of using imovie. Sorry I don't have 300$ to spend.

I have tagged:
Katie of Knittinonthefly
Paula of knittingpipeline
Clare of Student knits
Michelle/Eve of Skein after skein
Tracie/Barb 2knitlitchicks
Jen of Commuter knitter

and anyone else who'd like to complete it.

The questions:

Favorite item you've knit
favorite design
weight of yarn
yarn designer
indie dyer
how  you learned to knit
how many hours do you spend per week knitting
favorite thing to do while you knit
favorite place to knit
dream knitter to knit alongside

Sorry for being a liar about itunes... I am getting to take a CE class on building your own website next week. So I should be able to submit to itunes soon and get approved by the end of October. It's a process.

Here are the links for the show

Click for Babies 

mailed hats must be postmarked today or tomorrow for katie to get them to the Bangor Hospital. 


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Episode 5 So Glad to be alive !

Hello internet world. I've been having a really good week and my boyfriend's visiting which is always nice. I have started feeling pretty happy and like "myself" again which is a big step (if you don't know what I'm talking about here please go watch episode 1 of my podcast).

Huge thanks to  Barb and Tracy of the  2knitlitchicks podcast for letting me blurb in on  their most recent episode. My art is getting finished tonight and I'm so excited to put it on itunes!!! Hurrah. Knitters are incredibly kind in case you were ever doubtful.

Episode 5: here

For any lurkers considering doing a podcast- jump in and do it. It's so much fun, an audio one is easier to host and code/edit than video in my opinion just due to the size of the files.

The projects:

A leftover yarn square blanket I'm just casting on 35 sts on a size 10 needle. Then stitching away until it's about 7" long and boom one square done. I'm going to whip stitch them all together when I'm finished. I've got about 22 squares done so far.

Rocky Coast Cardigan

Yarn for the project:
Miss Babs Yowza

Ombre Cardigan

Yarn for project:
Tanis Fiber Arts

All about Click for Babies

Rav group:
Rav group- knittinonthefly

Knittin on the Fly video podcast

BTW my rav name is kaitlinh, feel free to msg me saying hi and how you found me :)


Sunday, August 4, 2013

:) First Episode

So basically I'll be posting a video podcast at least once a month on itunes..Once I figure out the coding.

For now the episodes they'll be on youtube.

So the shownotes will be posted here!!

Sunny Baby blanket 

My project page  

Leaf Scarf 

Sisters from Itty Bitty Toys

Until next time!

Kaitlin :)

 Infamous paprika as a kitten!
 Penelope the puppy
 Penelope the four month old!